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Sirmione on Lake Garda

Sirmione is a small mediaeval town on the south side of Lake Garda on a peninsula which is about 4 kilometres long.

It is very well known because of its unique historical town centre, the Spa with thermal waters, two medieval churches and the grottoes of the famous poet Catullo. One of the most admired attractions in Sirmione is definitely the Castle ‘Scaligero’ whose walls surround the medieval town centre.

The most loved of the Italian lakes

Many tourists prefer Lake Garda to the seaside because of its beautiful views and backdrop, created by the surrounding mountains to the north. It is easy to get there and you will always find a warm welcome when you arrive.

Along its coastlines, you will find several small historical villages which, in the warmest months, attract millions of tourists. The town centres have plenty of historic and cultural attractions as well as local shops where tourists like to buy unique products, or restaurants where you can enjoy Italian or even more local dishes.

Very close to Sirmione and near the lake you can find well liked theme parks such as Gardaland, Caneva, Acquapark and Parco Natura Viva.

Every summer there are several concerts and gigs, exhibitions and various events celebrating the variety of food and wines produced locally.

There are several local wineries whose wines you’ll be able to try and buy if you wish as well as local oil producers whose oil is rated by many as the most prestigious in Italy. Thanks to the helpful staff at the hotel it’s very easy to organise tours of the wineries or oil producers. Just ask at the reception desk.

Lake Garda

Lake Garda is the biggest and most visited lake in Italy, measuring over 370 square kilometres.

Every year, millions of tourists are attracted by its beauty, history and the many activities they can enjoy on its shores.

One of the most enchanted places on the lake, and probably the most photographed, is of course Sirmione. And it’s exactly on this narrow strip of land stretching into the lake that you’ll find our hotel.

If you are looking for a place to stay with friends or family to relax and have fun look no further you have found the right place.

Peschiera on Lake Garda

Peschiera on Lake Garda is the next town along the lake towards Verona. It is an incredibly beautiful town, so much so that it became a UNESCO world heritage site in 2011.

By Peschiera you can find the source of the river Mincio which divides the town into several sections all with their own history. Peschiera is also where you can catch a bus to the biggest and most famous theme park in Italy: Gardaland. You can buy discounted entry tickets at the reception desk.

The most important historical monuments in Peschiera are the church ‘Santuario della Madonna del Frassino’, the Fortress, the several Gates to the city, the Fort Ardietti and the Roman archaeological site.


Desenzano is the next town along the lake towards Brescia. It’s the biggest and most populated town on the lake.

Because of its size, it’s also the main port on the lake and has its own lighthouse.

Desenzano is one of the few towns on the lake that don’t rely exclusively on tourism. You will find several shops open all year round and some great outlets selling Italian brands.

Moreover, Desenzano town centre is beautiful and full of history: a street just over a kilometre long runs inland from the lake front starting at the theatre in via Santa Maria through the whole town centre.

When visiting Desenzano, don’t miss the Castle, the Duomo, where you can see the painting ‘The Last Supper’ by G.B. Tiepolo (1738), the Archaeological Museum and the Roman Villa.

If you love shopping, there are two shopping centres in Desenzano: ‘Le Vele’ and, only 2 kilometres from the motorway junction, ‘Il Leone’, which is one of the biggest shopping centres around Lake Garda.